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Ice Cream Shop


Logo & Brand Design

I was honored when owner’s Annie & Scott reached out again to ask for my assistance developing the branding for their new venture, Mac’s Ice Cream Shop. Mac’s is a retail ice cream & frozen treats shop located in Gainesville, Virginia, right next to their bagel store.

Mac’s specializes in providing artisan ice cream and frozen treats with an inviting, playful experience. Annie & Scott were looking to create a brand that’s timeless and modern, exuding an authentic joyful and inviting vibe that feels true to their values.

This project was lots of fun! Taking inspiration from the 1950’s atomic age, Mac’s logo incorporates a little bit of movement, a bit of sparkle, and isn’t afraid to break the mold. The color palette uses varying shades of cool blues and accents them with a vibrant pink, yellow, & green to keep the brand fresh and fun. By manipulating the Fairplex Wide font & pairing it with the Beloved Script, the brand combines wacky and elegant in just the right way.

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