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“Hey! Do you want to work on this design for The Glenrothes Single Cask launch?”

“Sure! What’s the brief?”

“Nothing big. Transform a raw event space to showcase the debut of their exclusive 1978 Single Cask 36 Year Old rare malt Scotch whiskey, design an art gallery to highlight their collaboration with New Yorker artist Maddie Dai, create a giant curved canvas of Maddie Dai’s artwork, and transform the concrete outdoor space into a lush Scottish garden. Oh, and if we could make it so you were walking through the bottle that would be great.”

“I’m game!”

Sample Project Image


Partnering with Edrington Americas and collaborating with New Ground Promotions & Pop by Yaz we set out to develop the design of this space.

Taking inspiration from the clean, crisp aesthetic of modern art galleries and infusing it with The Glenrothes brand identity would guide the design for the internal space. The outdoor area would channel the quaint Scottish countryside, focusing on reinvigorating the space with greenery.


By dividing the narrow interior and playing with light, we created a more dramatic atmosphere. Upon entering, guests are greeted with a massive curved print of Dai’s artwork and a striking bottle display.

Giving our guests the experience of entering The Glenrothes' world, a copper bottle door was included in the dividing wall. At a key moment in the presentation, the door would be lit with a warm orange glow, inviting our guests to walk through to the next section.

The 2nd section, the Heritage Gallery Room, showcased museum-grade images of classic Glenrothes elements and a smaller print of Dai’s work highlighting the easter eggs hidden within.

The final section, The Courtyard, was transformed into a Scottish garden complete with grass, towering hedges, and a welcoming gate.

Renderings by Shane Saldivar


Launching in NYC in the spring of 2022, this design provided guests with plenty of “Wow!” moments and left a lasting impression!

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