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Set Design | 3D Models | Renderings | Production Consultant

“Hey! Do you want to work on this design for Stoli’s brand Kentucky Owl Whiskey?”

“Sure! What’s the brief?”

“It’s pretty simple. KOW is looking to design an architecturally interesting trade show booth that represents the creativity and innovation of their emerging brand, pays homage to their heritage, and is scalable depending on the space. Oh, and if we could incorporate pyramids that would be great.”

“I’m in!”

Sample Project Image


Partnering with New Ground Promotions to produce the booth and working through my company, Salty Sweet Production & Design, we started putting these pieces together.

KOW’s iconic pyramid distilleries offered a rich source of inspiration but would need to be reinterpreted to efficiently utilize space. Drawing from inventive trade show booth designs and the architectural application of triangles in modern design, I began to craft this standout setup.


The core of this booth is a 10’ x 10’ set up which housed the bar, backbar, and a featured illuminated logo. Starting with the standard pergola framework, I altered it to create a stunning open air structure that created the illusion of a pyramid when viewed at a diagonal angle. Combining the brand’s vivid scarlet red with natural wood tones, modern architectural lines, and incorporating triangles into the backbar display pulled the main structure together.

To create a booth that would expand to both a 10’ x 20’ and a 10’ x 40’ space, additional modular set pieces were created. These pieces not only helped delineate the booth’s space, but amplified the visual identity of the main structure.

Renderings by Shane Saldivar


Premiering in the spring of 2022 at Bar Convent Brooklyn, the Kentucky Owl Whiskey 10x40 expanded booth made a big impression and really stood out!

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