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Set Design | Models | Renderings | Production Consultant

“Hey! Do you want to work on this design for Brown-Forman’s global advocacy brand Bar-Fabric?”

“Sure! What’s the brief?”

“You know the usual. Brown-Forman’s looking to create a community gathering space that reimagines their portfolio as a staple in the modern hospitality professional’s career and premiere it at Bar Convent Brooklyn 2023. Oh, and it should look like an authentic NYC bodega.”

“Let’s do this!”

Sample Project Image


Working through my company, Salty Sweet Design, I teamed up with Pop by Yaz to start this distinctive design. We wanted to stay true to the essence of New York City bodegas while at the same time making it feel spacious, light, and inviting.

Innovatively adapting classic bodega items and incorporating vibrant colors throughout would help transform this space from a recreation to a reinvention, combining iconic bodega elements and modern aesthetics.


I began developing the space by crafting a simplified structure; focusing on the main entrance and leaving an external nook for a must-have photo experience. Adding large plexi windows on either side of the entrance included an authentic touch and allowed us to break up two of the main walls. Strategically replacing walls with colorful crates and shelving kept the space feeling open and light. By blending color blocking with white accents we ensured the space had a fun, fresh vibe.

Renderings by Shane Saldivar


Premiering in May of 2023 at Bar Convent Brooklyn, this project was a great success and created a huge amount of buzz with the crowd!

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